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Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Domestic Media Mail
Media Mail is generally used for single titles by persons who are not in a rush to receive their shipments.  We usually upgrade orders of two or more titles to priority mail since it is insured and faster.

Domestic Priority Mail
We are located in Poulsbo, Washington. Depending on the destination, domestic priority mail shipments tend to arrive within 1-3 days. If for some reason the order needs to go by a different carrier such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL, special arrangements can be made.

Foreign Shipping
If the recipient’s country has secure mail service, single titles are usually sent by first class mail. This requirement is in place because no insurance is available for this service.  The limit for first class foreign mail is four pounds.  Above this weight, priority mail is used.  Typically, one of the flat rate options works quite well if there are several books in the order. All shipments to Africa as well as Central and South America must be sent via an insured service.

Quantity Discounts
On our own publications, we offer discounts on orders of five or more copies of the same title. We do not require a resale permit as we extend this offer to conference convenors and vendors, schools,  churches of all denominations, online sellers, brick and mortar shops, health care providers, as well as students and patients who want to share with other seekers.

Privacy Policy
We do not share any information about our customers with anyone.  Our mailing list, purchasing information, correspondence between customers and ourselves is all strictly between us.  We simply do not compromise where privacy is concerned.

Once in a while, something unforeseen happens.  Though we discourage returns, we will work to find a win-win solution.  If delivery is declined, we refund the cost of the goods but not the shipping.  If the shipment has been opened, the amount of the refund will depend on the condition of the titles. Please understand that we do our best to provide excellent service which means that unless specifically stated otherwise, all books are new and free of wear and tear.

Questions about Content
Within reason, a few questions can be answered by e-mail. For example, if the question is about the ease of readability or whether the book targets lay or professional audiences, we can try to answer the questions.  If a specific illness is mentioned, we cannot really answer the question by e-mail.

Foreign Distribution
Foreign distributors are invited to contact us about becoming the source of our titles in their language and region of distribution. In many cases, we are open to providing exclusive rights.

All e-commerce transactions on this site use PayPal.  If you require an alternative method of payment, please contact use  Payment via Dwolla, Xoom, and direct deposit can usually be arranged. PayPal accepts most of the popular credit cards as well as use of funds available in the buyer’s account or linked to a bank account. You will see Sacred Medicine Sanctuary or Ingrid Naiman as the recipient of the PayPal funds.

Yes, the site uses cookies if they are enabled by your browser.

Copyrights on our own Titles
Intellectual property is protected by international law. We make every effort to be in perfect compliance and expect the same from those who read our publications.

Permission to Quote
All requests to use quotations from our website, e-books, and print books must be in writing.

Online Quoting
In general, we prohibit use of our intellectual property by bloggers,  freelance journalists, and others who post online.  We welcome links and usually will agree to use if 1-3 sentences to explain why reading the original material is recommended. Reprinting of entire articles, e-books, or other material is almost never granted.

Hard Copy Quoting
The author and/or publisher should describe the magazine or book, context, and the exact quotation for which permission to reprint is sought. All correspondence must be in written, signed, and dated, and approval is limited to exactly what has been agreed.

If you are a publisher and wish to translate our titles, please contact us with your proposal. In some cases, we might be open to e-book translations of our print materials.

Foreign Distribution
We welcome serious inquiries about distributing our titles in other parts of the world.

Seminars and Conferences
Dr. Ingrid Naiman is open to occasional participation in international conferences but she prefers to offer master’s classes that are ten days in duration.